The Two Worlds of Scholars


Scholars live in two worlds: the first is the world of the researcher who uncovers new facts, formulates new hypotheses, explores the history of his or her discipline, comments on the work of others,  explicates historical and literary texts, and other, similar work.


The scholar's second world is that of a writer who must compose theses, dissertations, books, essays, and articles in order to communicate his ideas to others. 


But researching and writing are very different skills, and not every scholar can get the words on paper that will satisfy his or her needs.


The lore of academia tells many stories of those who completed the coursework, slogged through the necessary research, but who never finished  the required thesis or dissertation and so never got their long-sought degree.


It doesn’t have to be that way.


EditPro furnishes the help scholars need to translate their work into effectively organized and readable prose, satisfying the most demanding of thesis advisors and academic reading committees. And when the opportunity arises to reformat and edit one's work for wider publication by a university press or a major trade publisher, EditPro is there to see that the job gets done.


Best of all, EditPro works quietly, in the background, known only to the clients who retain us.