What Will It Cost?


I am very aware of the need to keep my services affordable. With very rare exceptions those of us who write trade books for publication or who are wrestling with a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation are not flush with extra cash. Please know that I will work hard to meet your needs at a price you can afford.


The easiest way to do this is to define as carefully as you can just what your requirements are. I can do this best by looking at a sample of your work and discussing it with you. If there is a little negotiation involved, I welcome it.


If you want to go ahead and get some feel for what our fee will be, you will be safe to estimate the cost of copyediting at six dollars per page (In editorial work it is generally agreed that 250 words make up a page). Editing that requires extensive rewriting will cost a bit more. The cost of developmental editing is harder to estimate because that kind of work is harder to define. Editor and client typically spend a good bit of time discussing the project at hand, seeing how far along the work has already come, and understanding what it will take to get to the finish line.


When a writer desires a combination of services—copy editing and developmental editing, say, or copy editing and page layout and design, or perhaps the creation of an ebook—the bundle price will always be much more advantageous.


The best way to proceed is to give me a call (912 436-2208) and tell me what you need. It will always help if you can email me a sample of your work at bookpub@comcast.net beforehand.